Storage Unit Sizes & Prices

U Stor, U Lok, U Keep The Key

It's hard to think straight when your home or office is overflowing with boxes and files.
At our facility in Northland, we offer a number of storage options, from small, self-storage units for personal use to larger spaces suitable for businesses. Our consultants are there to help you assess your storage needs and assist you in selecting the right space size so that you never run out of room again.  
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Office Storage Solutions

Our larger spaces, suitable for business archiving are clean, dry, and above all secure. Our computerised code system, individual door alarms and constant monitoring ensure that only those who you authorise have access to your storage space. If you're a business in or near Northland, clear out your office by archiving your files into storage.

Self-storage solutions

Our facility in Northland offers a wide range of storage solutions for personal use. Whether you're looking to store a few boxes, your fridge, old couches or just that pool table that is taking up space in your garage, we'll be able to match you with a storage space that suits your needs and budget.
Couple with packed cartons ready for relocation

Protecting your Property is our Number One Concern

Our security systems operate 7 days a week, to ensure that no one else does. With individual door alarms and computerised access with a personal pin code, you can sit back and relax knowing your property is stored in a safe, secure place.   

Only pay for the space you need with no fixed period - only pay for the time you store!

Payments by Automatic Payment ensure that a late payment fee will never be incurred.
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Unit Sizes & Prices

1.5m * 1.5m 5 cub.m $85/month
2m * 2m 10 cub.m $115/month
3m * 2m 15 cub.m $155/month
3m *3m 22 cub.m $190/month
4m * 3m 30 cub.m $220/month
5m * 3m 37 cub.m $250/month
6m * 3m 45 cub.m $280/month
8m * 3m 60 cub.m $340/month
An average house-lot will usually fit into a 4m x 3m unit.

If you’re looking for a safe & secure storage space, contact us today on 09 407 8673.

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